Training Details

Airdrie Harriers currently train twice every week.  The current location, times, and rules are detailed below.

COVID-19 Training Schedule


Days Session
James Monday 18:00 19:30
  Tuesday 18:00 19:30
  Thursday 18:00 19:15
  Saurday 08:30 10:30
Angela/Mary Tuesday 18:00 19:15
  Thursday 18:00 19:15
Morven/Martin Tuesday 18:00 19:15
  Thursday 18:00 19:15
Kirsty/Kerr Tuesday 18:00 19:15
  Thursday 18:00 19:15
Brian/Elaine Tuesday 18:00 19:15
  Thursday 18:00 19:15
Caroline (Mr's R) Tuesday 18:00 19:15
  Thursday 18:00 19:15
Derek (Endurance) Tuesday 19:30 20:45
  Thursday 19:30 20:45

Training Location and TimesAirdrie Harriers train at Coatbridge Outdoor Sports Centre on Tuesdays and Thursdays:
  • TUESDAYS:  18:00 - 19:15
  • THURSDAYS: 18:00 - 19:15
  • There are opportunities for older athletes Under 15 age group and up to train on other days
If you're not already a member you can find out more on our Membership Page

Training Rules and Etiquette

Our athletes are expected to keep adhere to  the club's rules, guidelines, and track etiquette at all times.


We are a competitive club and expect athletes who are asked to compete for the club to make every effort to do so. Continuous refusal or unavailability will affect your qualification to compete at the Annual Club Championships (see criteria).

Track Etiquette

Standard track etiquette is to run and train ‘against the clock’ that is running anti-clockwise. Lane 1 should always be kept free for athletes running laps. Safety is paramount and is someone moves into the lane that you are running in, please shout loudly ‘track’, this is the warning to alert others on the track and move from the lane you are using. When running clockwise you must run either inside the track on the grass or outside the track on the grass.
No football colours are to be worn to training or competitions

Indoor Facilities

The Indoor facilities at the track are hired by the club on training evenings. The club is held responsible for any damage to the hall, this includes the floor – absolutely no running spikes are permitted in the hall.

Track & Field Area

The track should be kept tidy and all water bottles etc. should be ‘binned’ - please do not leave them on the track or surrounding grass area. All other litter should be disposed of in the bins at the centre.

Athlete Attendance

Athletes should attend training as often as possible. Coaches keep attendance registers and athletes that miss 10 sessions in a row will automatically have their club membership cancelled without notification. Any return to the club may involve being put on a waiting list.  An athlete cannot automatically return or turn up at training without going through a re-joining process. This includes any money owed from a previous time at the club and payment of any current joining fee, regardless of the return being within the same year of membership

Training & Track Fee Payments

Athletes/parents/carers must ensure that their monthly track-training fees are up to date. Payments are monitored and any athlete whose payments fall behind may have their club membership cancelled.